2024. november 7.

Venom 3.

Venom 3 2024 90 perc
  • Kelly Marcel
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Tom Hardy
  • Juno Temple

The hunt is on! Aaron Taylor-Johnson dons the fur as Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter, the first R-rated release from Sony's Spider-Man Universe that brought you 'Venom' and 'Morbius.'Sony plans to pull no punches with a gritty, gory story that, at one point, cited 'Kill Bill' as inspiration. Taylor-Johnson plays the classic Kraven, a Russian big game hunter, who uses his bare hands to bring down his prey. In the comics, Kraven is obsessed with hunting the most dangerous game ... Spider-Man. But the Web-Head always wriggles free from his best-laid traps, including when Kraven buries Spidey alive, then impersonates him by donning his spider-suit and going on a vigilante rampage around New York.Since Tom Holland's Peter Parker will most likely not appear in Kraven, Taylor-Johnson will instead contend with family affairs. Russell Crowe plays his father, while Fred Hechinger plays Kraven's half-brother, the master of disguise known as Chameleon. Ariana DeBose plays love interest and mystical priestess, Calypso, Christopher Abbott is reportedly taking on the Foreigner, the martial arts master and mercenary, and Alessandro Nivola is Rhino, a character who briefly appeared in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' but you can never have enough of the rampaging Rhino! J.C. Chandor ('Triple Frontier,' 'A Most Violent Year') directs the bloody affair that promises a throat-ripping good time. 'Kraven the Hunter' hits theaters in October 2023.

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