2022. március 10.

Little Nicholas' Treasure

Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas / Little Nicholas' Treasure 2021 103 perc
  • Julien Rappeneau
  • Ilan Debrabant
  • Audrey Lamy
  • Jean-Paul Rouve
  • Tom Neal

In the peaceful world of Little Nicholas, there is Daddy, Mommy, the school, but above all, his band of friends. They are called The Invincibles, but above all they are inseparable. At least they think so. But when Dad gets a promotion and announces that the family is moving to the south of France, Nicolas' world falls apart. How can he imagine life without his best friends? Without Alceste's croissants, Agnan's glasses, Clotaire's mischief, far from their beloved wasteland? Helped by his friends, Nicolas sets out to find a mysterious treasure that could allow him to prevent this terrible move.

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